How Passion Drives Success

I'm nowhere near an expert on academic success, but I think I have some potentially helpful tips on how to excel in whatever field of study you decide to go with when you choose your major or change your major. I was lucky enough to know what I aspire to be by the time I … Continue reading How Passion Drives Success

A Major Decision (Part 1)

By Kathryn Speaks Hello Clemson Tigers! Before we dive into this series, I wanted to do a small introduction to what we will be looking at and why. I know that it can be discouraging when you repeatedly hear the question, “Oh-but what can you do with that major…?” So, during this series of blog posts, … Continue reading A Major Decision (Part 1)

In Grace You Didn’t Know

Hello, blog readers! My name is Grace Brown and I am the new UPIC intern here at the Center for Career and Professional Development this Fall. It's been a while since I've felt like "the new kid", but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. Blogging feels oddly comforting and natural for me, so I am very excited to be able to take this on as a project this semester. I am already so thankful for my fellow employees, especially my intern-partner-in-crime, Kathryn Speaks. We will be working on this blog as a team, so you can expect to hear a lot from both of us starting now!

Speaks The Truth

Hello fellow Tigers! My name is Kathryn Speaks and I am one of the new UPIC interns for the Career Center! I, along with my amazing fellow intern, Grace, will be taking over blogging duties for the “Crafting Your Clemson Career” blog over the upcoming year. Before the blog gets back to its usual tips, tricks, and suggestions … Continue reading Speaks The Truth

Best LinkedIn Tips

5 Cool LinkedIn Features You May Not Have Known About Welcome to Part 2 of the Clemson Career Center’s LinkedIn series! Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are pretty cool— but you know what all the cool kids are using these days? LinkedIn. Seriously. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to network with professionals, make valuable … Continue reading Best LinkedIn Tips

Graduation Anxiety

When they say “these four years fly by”, and to “enjoy them while you can”….they were serious. As graduation gets closer and closer the anxiety of being sent out into the real world sets in. Although I’m often excited about being done with homework, exams, and projects—I can’t help but worry about what comes next. … Continue reading Graduation Anxiety