Competency Development: Brand

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Written by Dana Reeves (an Alumni Career Ambassador

Being a Career Ambassador means getting to help a student craft an amazing resume or showcase their talents and passion for a position by way of a cover letter or help a student apply to their dream grad school with the best draft of their personal statement. I wanted to join the CCPD team because my passion in life is helping others. It is all I want to do and that is exactly what everyone in the Career Center strives to do. Becoming a Career Ambassador has truly helped me to grow into a more confident, outspoken, and encouraging individual. I have learned so much from my two years at the Career Center that it is difficult to pin point just one thing that has helped me to flourish. However, if I had to choose, I would say the most important thing that I have learned is how to embrace diversity. I have learned to adapt and grow in an environment that is ever changing. When I go into the Michelin Career Center, I never know what I will face. Will it be an endless stream of resumes and a few cover letters mixed in, or will it be a student confiding in me that they want to change their major, but their parents will not let them? Perhaps it is a student in need of some help finding job opportunities. No matter what situation I meet, I need and want to be able to help, so I learned quickly how to adapt to each and every moment. I know that just because one student challenges me or rejects my ideas does not mean the next student will nor does it mean that I failed. The key is to be adaptable, see everything from the student’s point of view and help the student by teaching them something they didn’t know before they came in that will help them when they leave. While embracing diversity, I learned to be flexible so that I am better able to assist students, and I began to utilize all of the resources and amazing people that surround me in the Michelin Career Center.

The competencies have been a major component in helping me to self-analyze and acknowledge my areas of strength as well as areas of improvement. I strive to incorporate them not only into my drop-ins but also in my own life. My favorite competency is brand. I think this is such an essential part of who we are when we put ourselves out in the world, yet it is often overlooked. We all want people to see us for the awesome human beings that we are, but sometimes we get so caught up in meeting all of the requirements that we lose track of our individuality. That’s why I like to remind every student I see that its okay to be yourself because employers want someone genuine, not just a perfect piece of paper that meets every requirement. I try to encourage students to build their brand so that everything they do or give out to employers reflects their true and authentic self.

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