The Value of Greek Life on a Resume

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I have to admit, I might be considered biased when it comes to talking about Greek life. My personal sorority experience has been rewarding in every sense of the word and has given me opportunities that I believe make me a better candidate when job searching. But, if you are on the fence about how much value your Greek life experience holds, how do you decide if it makes the cut on your resume?

First, you need to think about how rich your experience with Greek life has been. For example, someone who served . on multiple committees, the executive board and made treasured personal relationships through their organization would definitely want to put that on their resume. On the other hand, if someone didn’t hold any kind of leadership position and stayed fairly uninvolved, it might not be relevant to include it in their resume. This is important to distinguish because you need to be able to talk about anything you have on your resume, and make the experience highlight your skills and leadership abilities.

Second, it is important to remember that there are beneficial relationships to be formed with alumni or others with personal connections to your specific Greek organization. The value of this can be as simple as being given an interview because of the recruiter recognizing your Greek chapter on your resume. Again, I think it is pertinent to you to be able to talk positively about your experience. If an employer/interviewer were to ask you about your organization due to a personal connection, it may hurt your chances if you have nothing positive to say.

Lastly, there is a chance that you have gained applicable skills that translate directly into your potential position. For example, my experience as my sorority’s Vice President of Philanthropy helped me build skills that are going to be highly valued in my field of work. Because of this, and because I know I could talk about it a lot, I have this experience listed towards the top of my resume. It is very plausible that you have learned many useful skills through your Greek experience that employers will love hearing about.

Greek life has the ability to give us many opportunities, connections and life skills. If you have had a wonderful experience like I have, I think employers will love to hear you talk about everything you gained from your organization!

-Grace Brown, UPIC Intern

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