What Employers Want


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I have chosen my personal top five important skills and core competencies to have that employers are looking for when recruiting. There are way more skills to have than these, but let’s dive deep into these top five. Exercise: As you read, take notes on each quality. Describe situations that you have been faced with that required skills in each of these areas.

  1. Integrity and Ethics
    1. If your resume is accurate and honest, not only does this comfort employers but it will comfort you during interviews, because you know you will be able to answer the questions they may throw at you. Honesty is also important for employers to see you carrying into your position, because they want to know that you will be upfront about your mistakes and slip-ups. (And you’re human, so these will happen. But that’s okay! They are not expecting perfection.)
  2. Communication
    1. If you are able to effectively communicate to recruiters what makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates they may be talking to, it removes the responsibility of the employer to interpret and infer things on your resume. Communication is also key because employers want to see that you will be able to interact with your fellow employees without conflict or misinterpretation. These skills also include the ability to listen well and respond in a timely and effective manner. (This also includes following specific orders/requests).
  3. Adaptability and Analytical Skills
    1. Proving that you have motivation to recruiters before you are even offered a position is key to standing out amongst the crowd. On a personal note, if you provide some reasons or stories as to where this motivation came from, you may be able to convince them even more that you are the candidate to choose. In the workplace, it is pertinent to be present, to get things done in a complete and timely fashion, and to meet goals that your superiors laid out for you.
  4. Collaboration
    1. In almost every job, there is a high demand for team work. It is so important that employers know that you will not only get along with co-workers, but that you will be a helpful addition to the team that they already have in place. A helpful employee is a necessary employee, and employers are looking for a harmonious team-player that is willing to take constructive criticism.
  5. Self-Awareness/Brand
    1. The workplace is ever-changing and always challenging. This is a positive thing, but only if you are the type of employee that wants to be challenged! Employers want you to show them that you are ready to take on whatever projects or assignments that they’re going to throw at you. Giving them examples of times when you successfully overcame an obstacle may be very impressive during an interview.

If you have yet to master all of these, do not worry. First, it is important to remember that no one is ever perfect in every single skillset that there is in the work world. And if you are particularly stronger in a certain competency, that is what will make you stand out! With that being said, it is also important to work on each competency as you get closer to your career goals. Ways to do this include: looking for guidance, always adapting as you grow personally, and frequent self-evaluation.

-Grace Brown, Career Development Intern

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